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Collaboration. If it’s good enough for Paul McCartney…

IT Project Management

There was a time when collaborations between music artists were a rarity. Queen and David Bowie, George Michael and Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross … they stood out. It was quite exciting when your favourite artist teamed up with someone else because the outcome was always something magical. …

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How To Hire Best Fit IT Talent. The 7 Step Strategic Partner Checklist

IT & Project Management recruitng

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once estimated that bad hires had cost his firm company “well over $100 million”. Almost half of hiring/HR managers (41%) believe that bad hires have cost their firms “thousands” and the U.S. Department of Labour puts the price of a bad hire at least 30% of …

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What Makes the Perfect Project Manager?

perfect project manager

The best project managers today have taken years learning and honing their craft. This understanding comes from learning to balance the structure and framework of a recognised project management methodology like PRINCE2 with an innate ability to adapt to the environment they find themselves working in.   There are a …

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Are Your Project Goals Realistic?

project goals

Projects can run off course – hardly front page news to those working within project management. Even worse, if things haven’t been rectified projects can fail, very quickly. Only 64% of projects meet their goals 70% of companies report having at least one project failed in the last year Companies …

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5 Reasons to Consider Project Management for E-Commerce

project management software

Project management- it’s definitely the most fundamental way for organizations to optimize processes, making certain that they offer the highest level of competence and productivity. Small to medium-sized businesses need to juggle a number of tasks, plan, people and projects at the same time – project management software can help …

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