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How to fix a failing project

project management issues

Your project is circling the drain.  You know it, your team members know it, even the guy that delivers the sandwiches knows it.  Somehow though, your management haven’t gotten wind of it yet.  Let’s try and keep it that way, at least until you have fixed the problem. Get back …

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Perfecting problem solving on projects

Effective Project Team Work

Every project comes with its own set of problems and challenges, and it is the project managers job to find a way to solve these issues without jeopardising the delivery of the project overall. Building problem solving and collaboration into your team will enable you to identify and solve problems …

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6 ways to manage your time better

project management schedule

Time management is something all project managers must perfect if they are to be successful in their careers. Sometimes it seems all too challenging to get to grips with our time, so we simply abandon it in favour of our normal, disorganised routine. However, making some small changes to the …

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Six Perils of Adopting Agile Project Management

The importance of project documentation

Making the transition from waterfall to agile project management is a tough enough break for anyone. With the prospect of letting teams have more creative control over their direction and potentially drifting off course entirely, any project manager who is planning to implement agile will probably already be feeling somewhat …

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Bagging that dream project managers job

project manager career success

Finally, after tonnes of applications and hours of trawling job sites, you have found your dream job. Not only that, but you’ve been invited for an interview. Congratulations! But now the hard work really starts. No matter how well qualified, how experienced or how charismatic you think you are, if …

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