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Marketing Yourself On Linkedin As A Freelance Project Manager

As a freelance project manager, you will want to create a presence on the professional platform that hits all the right notes. But how?

LinkedIn boasts 260 million monthly users, nearly half of whom access the platform daily. As a platform, it is the place where professionals gather, many of whom go on to attract clients and lucrative contracts. As a freelance project manager, you too could tap into LinkedIn and all that it offers.

But it isn’t just a case of throwing out the occasional update and listing the definition of project management, there is much more to it. Here’s how;

1 Complete your profile

Aside from sharing information and being an active user, potential clients will take to your profile to see who you are and what experience you have in their field, and within project management as a whole.

A completed profile is 40 times more likely to generate interest and get you noticed.

2 Use search friendly terms in headlines and posts

With your completed profile in place you now want people to find you and that means digital marketing in this online world. On one hand, you want to sound ‘hip and happening’ and so it’s not uncommon to see descriptions like “digital ninja” popping up every now and then. The problem is, people don’t search for “technology rock star”, they look for “technology project managers” or similar. So make sure your profile uses the right phrases that will get you found ahead of the competition.

3 Offer a proposition

With keywords in place, you need to be confident in the value proposition that you offer. This is, after all, a type of advert that shows you off but also what you can do. Consistently delivering successful projects is attractive, especially if that is what a potential client is looking for.

4 Get a friend to help out

Sometimes, writing our own achievements can be difficult especially adding the extra flourishes that make it an interesting read. What can be helpful is once you’ve written the initial piece, you could ask a friend. As well as listing your project management qualifications, you’ll want to make sure skills and experience shine through. Asking a trusted friend to assess it for readability and add extra touches can help make you stand out.

5 Get active and network

Once you have your profile populated with all your information, you’ll need to keep it updated making sure that you list projects you are working on and any other continuing professional development you undertake.

With that in place, you know need to use the platform as it was intended and that means networking. Seek out groups in your field of interest and join them, as well as following key influencers in your profession and sector too. This way, your profile will become more visible to potential clients.

6 Update with posts and share valuable content

Sharing content that people find valuable is also a means of keeping your LinkedIn profile active, which makes your profile more ‘findable’.

So, there you have it – 6 ways to market yourself on LinkedIn that are sure to have an effect on your freelance project manager career.

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The author is a freelance consultant with many years experience in IT and IT Project Management in the oil industry and investment banking on complex global projects and managing outsourced project teams.

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