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Managing remote project teams? How to overcome the barriers

Business projects are increasingly becoming global as organisations seek cost-effective solutions to their needs. But working with remote project teams brings unprecedented challenges. Here we look at the main issues and how...

4 steps from project requirements to executing tasks

Any project, regardless of size, will include a project scope statement, as you'd expect to be taught on most courses for project managers. This will break down the requirements, expected results of...

IT Project Teams are STILL driving competitive advantage

In conclusion, IT Projects are perfectly placed to shape the future of business as we emerge from this pandemic. Businesses need to be leaner and more innovative. It’s time for IT Project teams to say, “Hold our coffee, watch us do our thing” – this is our moment.

Securing a Better Position – How To Get Promoted As a Project Manager

Whether you’ve entered at ground level and feel you’re experienced enough to take the next step up the career ladder as a project manager, or you’ve just completed one of the many...