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How to fix a failing project

project management issues

Your project is circling the drain.  You know it, your team members know it, even the guy that delivers the sandwiches knows it.  Somehow though, your management haven’t gotten wind of it yet.  Let’s try and keep it that way, at least until you have fixed the problem. Get back …

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Eliminate Pointless Project Meetings

Building a project team

Some project managers seem to have an addiction to meetings. Arranging a meeting to discuss a meeting even! OK, there’s an obvious need to keep people informed to ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, but sometimes the frequency and types of meeting become ridiculous and unnecessary, …

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Questioning Project Management

project management decisions

Project Management as a profession has to be one of the most elusive to define. Should anyone enquire as to what you do for a living, your reply is almost guaranteed to provoke some puzzled follow-up questions. Maybe the best way to answer this question would be just to list …

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The trouble with Project Schedules

A project schedule

Why is it that one of the most difficult aspects of managing a project is maintaining the schedule. And why is it that many project managers will move heaven and earth to keep their project in line with the project schedule. That rather suggests that there is a problem with …

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