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Requirements Management

cultural differences

How Business Analysts Can Deal With Cultural Differences

Many businesses are increasingly operating in a global work environment; using the best teams and people from a variety of regions and countries to...
project management milestones

Understanding User Acceptance Testing in a Project

If you work in the IT, digital or software industry, you will have come across 'User Acceptance Testing' in relation to projects. Whilst you...
User Acceptance testing

Ten QA Tips for Project Managers

Quality Assurance is the process concerned with monitoring the quality of all aspects of a project so that the final product fulfils all requirements....
User Acceptance testing

5 Reasons Why You Need User Acceptance Testing

As a business owner or employee, performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the final process in a long line of tasks that will result...
gathering requirements for a project

The importance of end-users in IT Projects

I met up with an old colleague recently who I worked with when we were both IT Project Managers for a large blue-chip corporation....
setting project expectations

Let’s All Learn from the Business Analysts

Business analysis involves defining, scoping and prioritising initiatives (usually projects) and, particularly on complex projects, is an essential first step and then a continuing...


Value of APM PMQ training

The Association of Project Management Professionals, more famously recognized as a charity organization that caters the issues, concerns and problems of managers in almost...

Advantages of APM PMQ project managment training

Having a good occupation provide people with better opportunities and more earning potential. When it comes to project management the same fact applies. As...

Project Management Advice

10 Steps to the Perfect Project Meeting

  I was in a meeting earlier this week that was typical of so many project meetings I have attended. A rough agenda had been...

20 Things Successful Project Managers Do

  The difference between a truly successful project manager and one who is less than successful can often come down to the little things like...

Do Project Managers Need Business Knowledge?

  I have been debating recently with some colleagues about whether project managers need to have in-depth business knowledge of the business area in which...