PMP Certification in London

PMP Certification in London

London is inarguably one of the most exciting cities to be in. With its wonderful hotels, architecture, studios and so many places to see, it is easy to get lost in the beauty of the place. However, you can make your trip a bit more education by attending a training course for PMP certification in London. Before you pack your bags, here is some more information about the course that you should know about –

What is the Updated PMP Certification Course?

The PMP Certification is based on PMBoK guide that has been published by PMI (Project Management Institute) in Philadelphia, USA. With more than 340,000 members, PMI is a leading professional body in project management on a global scale. PMP Certification provided by PMI is one of the most sought after and recognised qualifications in project management, not just in the UK but also in the US, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.

This course is based on 5th edition of PMI Guide to PMBoK and was recently attended by a group of international delegates and professionals in project management from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany and UK. The PMP course is hosted in London so that attendees can study intensively and also enjoy the various flavours of London’s cosmopolitan life.

Why Has The Course Been Updated And What Are the Changes?

– Every few years, PMBoK is updated after researching into practical experiences in the field of project management. This ensures that the PMBoK is always up to date and includes all the current practices relevant to the industry. As mentioned before, the PMP certification uses PMI Guide to PMBoK as its primary reference. Recently, the PMBoK had an update in January 2013 following which PMP Certification was updated in July 2013. The course in August 2013 was the first one with the updated version of the 5th edition of PMBoK. The feedback from attendees was excellent and so was the attendance of the course.

Changes are minor but significant and can be noticed in the details but overall, there isn’t any part of PMBoK that has not been updated or changed. A new chapter has been added on Stakeholder Management and accounts for one of the significant changes as it used to be a part of the chapter covering Communications. Other small changes of similar nature have been introduced but they are not just structural changes. The project management processes have been increased to 47 from 42 and Cost, Time and Scope areas and their planning has been strengthened by adding 3 new processes. Stakeholder area is not a knowledge area which means that Stakeholder management not has 4 processes instead of just 2, thereby strengthening it.

The depth of treatment has been increased for certain other topics like PMO’s, Project Governance and Requirements Management.

What used to be a 459 pages course now has updated and much more useful 589 pages.

What are the Perks of Attending a Training Course in London?

– All work and no play can make Jack, Jill and the people around them dull and bored. But with London, the word ‘dull’ can never be associated because it is the absolute perfect location where PMP certification can be held. The flight connections and the connectivity to the entire world are unparalleled. The venue is Victoria, another exclusive area of London which is close to Whitehall and Buckingham Palace. No matter what a person’s budget is, London has something for everyone.

PMBoK can be confusing, complex and extremely chaotic but with Parallel Project Training, it becomes easy to grasp, simpler and fun. The trainers here are experienced and know their way around the subject. This ensures maximum satisfaction from trainees and a better learning experience overall. Book your PMP Certification course in London today