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Straight Talk on Project Management VOLUME II – Free E-Book

With the success of my first eBook, I am delighted to publish Volume II. The book covers a wealth of topics from Stonseed’s Project Management as a Service and our IT services, to an array Project and Programme Management issues. Volume II of Straight Talk on Project Management is now …

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IT & Project Management

WARNING! Don’t ignore the IT project warning signs

I was sitting on the M1 in traffic the other day, the gantry lights above were displaying a huge red X above the inside lane, signifying that it was closed due to an accident. Most cars got over into another lane as soon as it was safe for them to …

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Cultural Fit: Hire IT talent like you’d do a jigsaw

Have you ever hired a new team member who interviewed brilliantly, had exactly the qualifications you were looking for and on paper had the right experience listed on their CV … but somehow just didn’t fit in? It happens a lot. Making the perfect hire is like putting together a …

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