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Happy tenth birthday Stoneseed

Happy tenth birthday to Stoneseed!

Ten years ago, a handful of firms had started to promote IT from business technology support to a strategic business partner but, for most, IT was still a back office function. That's not to say that the projects weren't complex and essential, they totally were. The thinking though, for many, was "this is what we want the business to do, how can IT help achieve this?" whereas the thinking now is more "what can IT achieve for the business?"

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communication strategies for project managers

Project Managers: Improved Communication Strategies

If you search on LinkedIn, you’ll find more than 2 million Project Managers. This is a profession that has a huge impact on the daily lives of people everywhere. My goal is to help Project Managers communicate more effectively with their teams. Communication is the lifeblood of project management. PMs …

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project management interview questions

How to Handle Tough Project Management Interview Questions

Project management is a great career choice. Growing global demand for project managers means lots of new opportunities for professionals. Here is a list of questions that you could be asked in an interview for a Project Manager role: Questions related to Project Management Domain Q: What are the steps …

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