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project management myths

Project management myths

We all love browsing for answers to our questions on the internet and often our first reaction to something we need information on is to “Google it!”. And there are plenty of great resources online – even the once derided Wikipedia is now a respected source of information. But sadly …

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PM Tagging

3 Prime Reasons You Need Tagging in a Project Management Tool

Every project manager’s job is to initiate, plan, monitor, execute and complete every single project as perfectly as possible in order to reach all the objectives and achieve company goals. Project management requires a lot of planning and not a smaller amount of responsibility, and it is definitely considered one …

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business analysts

Skills that are Vital for Business Analysts of the Future

Although the field of Business Analysis offers a lot of exciting opportunities for those seeking employment, the best opportunities only go to those who not only have the required skills, but also the skills of the future.  The growing importance of business analysis is not hidden from anyone.  In the …

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