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project management interview questions

How to Handle Tough Project Management Interview Questions

Project management is a great career choice. Growing global demand for project managers means lots of new opportunities for professionals. Here is a list of questions that you could be asked in an interview for a Project Manager role: Questions related to Project Management Domain Q: What are the steps …

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help with a project

When to admit you need more help with a project?

As a project manager it is important to understand when you need more help with a project. Here we look at when you should admit you need this help. The experts at Parallel Project Training believe too often in the workplace we can be reluctant to ask for help, seeing …

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project manager skills

7 Behavioral Skills Project Managers Should Develop

You might have met those people at least once in your lifetime – people who are little rough around the edges, who might seriously need some sort of social skills and who we wonder how they ever manage to make it through a day without getting into problems with someone.  …

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