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project Management - Building a Cohesive Team

How to Build a Cohesive Team if You’re Not All Office Based

It really wasn’t that long ago that working as a team meant everyone sharing the same office space, or at the very least working in the same location. Now, technological advances have turned that idea upside down. People can easily work on the same project regardless of the country they …

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IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment – Passion, Privilege or Pain?

“If you can win the war in talent, everything else changes,” so said SendGrid CEO Sameer Dholakia describing how he believes “recruiting is a mission-critical function” for a business, not a task that you should crowbar into your busy day after all your other tasks have been crossed off your …

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IT & Project Management

IT Projects. Do We Actually Ever Learn Lessons Learnt?

Originally published on We record ‘lessons learnt’ as part of the project management process but do we actually learn from them? Recent experience and the number of projects that fail to deliver suggest we could probably all do better at learning from lessons learnt. It is worth considering this …

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