social media for project managers

Is Social Media Good For Project Managers?

Integrating social media in project management can be a great way to improve communication and stay updated on project milestones for both the project manager and team members. Keep reading to discover how.

Social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and Twitter, have become a standard platform for professionals across all forms of industry and walks of life. This is due in part to their ease of use and 24/7 availability that has proven to be an infectious activity that spans across virtually every age group and social strata. It has long been emphasised that in order for any project to be successful there needs to be constant communication within the team.

So, does this mean that social media is a good thing for project managers? In this article we will be discussing the benefits of social media for project managers, and how they can use it to assist in both current and future projects, as well as use it as leverage for their career enhancement.

Social Media Groups For Projects

In project management its essential that the project manager have the ability to keep in contact with their team at all times. In fact, many project managers are using platforms and multiple media to maintain a more advanced level of communication. Using social media platforms such as Facebook allows project teams to communicate from a platform that is not only familiar to most, but at no cost to the project team as well.

Social media groups can also be utilised for communication among team members, this allows a 24hour platform that can be easily accessed by the project manager, and the team members, day or night. It’s also possible to ensure that  any communication between the team remains secure and within official confines. This can be achieved via a moderator or gatekeeper who can be tasked to monitor any messages, or information, that has been shared. This will help to keep all communication in the group organised.

social media for project managers

Integrating Social With Project Management Software

When it comes to large or particularly detailed projects, using only social media for staff communication may not be enough. However, most project management software can be linked to social media, this allows a more enhanced and innovative means to communicate within the group. When integrating the two, it’s important to integrate your project management software with a social media platform that is able to facilitate text, audio, and video applications for secure messaging (most social media apps have these capabilities).

Keeping up to date and informed on the latest software and social media platforms to help increase your team members communication and productivity can sometimes be difficult. Enrolling yourself in project management courses is a great way to stay knowledgeable within your field.

Manage Project Updates

Because social media has such a wide reach capability, it can play a major role in keeping on top of project updates. This is particularly true with large projects, as it is able to update team members day or night on any issues or amendments that may have arisen. This will empower your team to keep on top of the project at all times in a seamless and effective manner. It can also be helpful for project teams to enroll themselves in project management training to keep everyone on the team  updated and informed on the latest innovations in project management.


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