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How to look for new contacts within project management

There are some areas of business where having a good number of contacts can be vital and project management is certainly no exception. Each project that you work on, even within the same company, may find you working with a new set of people, and these contacts may prove useful to you in the future. It is well worth keeping a note of new people that you do work with, making sure that you highlight any particular skills that they have that stand out to you as you may find yourself working on a project at a later date where these skills could be very useful.

Meeting other project managers

A great way to find contacts within project management who do not work for the same company is of course to get out of the office. Keep an eye open for appropriate seminars and conferences that might be of use to you. These can be the perfect place to find new contacts, especially if they are the sort of seminars that last a couple of days and provide delegates with an opportunity to socialise. With project management being a very vital field in so many industries you should find plenty of industry appropriate conferences that will fit the bill

If you feel that your project management qualifications could do with a bit of a boost, then it is worth looking at Parallel Project Training courses. Group training courses will often find your meeting others who work within the field of project management and you may find that you make a number of new contacts this way whilst brushing up on your own project management skills.

Social Media

With the rise in popularity of social media sites, Twitter represents a great platform for networking. Make sure that you create a really good Twitter bio, you want people to know a little bit about you and what your interests are. This should hopefully help you to connect to others who have the same interests. Provide good content within your tweets and make sure that you share conversations that interest you. This is a great way to find like minded people who work in the same field.

Remember just as in a face to face meeting first impressions count, so think before you choose your Twitter handle, the photo you use on your account and the information that you put in your bio – if you are looking to use it for professional means then try to avoid personal stuff that will make your profile confusing.

Retweeting is a fantastic way in which you can network and build up a following of like-minded people. Look out for tweets that interest you, ones that are relevant. Make sure that your content is engaging as well and hopefully others will retweet your posts.



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