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FREE IT Project Management eBook

Need a good read for the holidays? We are delighted to share with you an exclusive preview link to download our latest eBook, Straight Talk on Project Management Volume VI. Every year we put together the year’s worth of Stoneseed’s blogs into a book, to give our readers something to read over the holidays. 

Stoneseed’s blogs are based on many years of Project Management experience as well as ideas from the team. Light-hearted, insightful and funny, our blogs cover all things Project Management, Leadership, Best Practice, PMO, Business Analysis and of course Project Management as a Service.  

Recent feedback from a loyal reader …“Always topical, straightforward and don’t try to bamboozle readers with buzz words and clever tricks and importantly they are the right length and frequency. I haven’t really seen anyone else in the project / BA space do this as effectively as Stoneseed do.

We hope you enjoy these books! We work hard on the content and appreciate your feedback.

If you would like to hear more about how we deliver our services and much of the inspiration for our content, make sure to have a look at our Project Management as a Service page or subscribe to our blogs.

Download your copy today! Share with Friends & Colleagues

Available in online Flipbook, and PDF format


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