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When to Look for a New Role in Project Management



If you are not content in your current job, it might be time to consider looking for a new role. Here we look at some of the reasons it might be time to make that move.


No matter how great your current role is, things can change, making you give serious consideration to looking for a new role elsewhere.

It is not so much a question of when is the right time to look for a change in role but rather why do you want to look for a new role? Before you look elsewhere, take a look at what is wrong with your current role. You need to work out what it is that is making you consider a change before you can find a job that will suit you better. Here, we take a look at what might make you start looking for another position.

Basic considerations

Salary can certainly be a consideration. Or, perhaps the work / life balance isn’t right for you and you need something that fits better into your life. It may simply be that you are looking for a new challenge, still in a field where you use your project management qualifications but within a different industry; something that might give you more of a challenge in your job.

Whatever the reason you want to look for a new role, make sure that you understand exactly what you are looking to move away from so that you can avoid making a mistake when changing your job.

New Challenges

If you have been working in the same role for a few years, then you might be finding that it is becoming a stale and lacking in the challenges that you want from your job. This can be a good time to consider looking for a new role within the project management field. The advantage of working in project management is that project management skills are very adaptable and can be used to work in a number of different industries with great ease. This means that moving to a different type of business can really add some challenges to your job role, potentially giving you just what was lacking in your previous position; a challenge.

Unsupportive Boss

Unfortunately, if you find yourself in a role where you have a boss who is not supportive it can really wear you down. In order to be as effective at your role as possible it really is important to have the right support, not only from your team members but also from those higher up in the company and a lack of this type of support can often mean making decisions that you are perhaps not comfortable making. This alone can be a very good reason that you might feel it is time to look for a new job.


One of the biggest reasons people look for a new role is the pay. If you feel that your salary is not reflective of the work that you do, then it can be worth looking for a new job with a better salary. Very often when this happens your current employer may discuss your salary with you if they feel you are a valuable employee and work with you to create a better package in order to keep you.

Whatever the reasons you’re unhappy in your currently role, really think about what you want for your next role and don’t accept anything less than a role that’s right for you.


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