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David Cotgreave

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Where does an IT Project Manager’s job end?

IT & Project Management

Originally published on CIO.com Traditionally a project is judged complete when it is transitioned into service. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate this endpoint. A CIO asked me this recently because his team was expressing an interest in extending their role so that they could assess their project ‘from the other …

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Defrag your IT to-do list

IT Project Management

After a successful Bank Holiday building flat pack furniture, I decided that I would get proactive on all the other little jobs around the house. You know the ones. The loose this, the broken that, the “in need of oiling” the other. They’re the jobs that are mentally scheduled for …

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Align Your IT and Business Strategy … Or Else!

Understanding the business strategy is vital to adding real IT value. Here’s why… Originally published on CIO.com I am loving an article on CIO.com by Martha Heller right now which opens with a great proposition – “How to strengthen IT’s connection to your business”. I think that it’s crucial that this connection …

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