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Project Scope

Typical Project Risks

project risks

Risks exist in every area of a project but the likelihood of a particular risk occurring, and the consequences to the success of the project if it does occur, are the main factors to consider in risk management within a project. It is important that the project manager does not …

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What You Need To Know About Planning A Project

project management requirements

Perhaps the first thing to note about project management and planning a project, in particular, is that projects never stick to the plan. Change always happens and provided you accept that, then it is really just a matter of altering the plan in a way that will allow the project …

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Is This Project A Success Or Not?

Project management change process

What happens when a project has been completed to schedule and more or less on-budget but the client is reluctant to sign-off the work and even more reluctant to pay for it? The final product meets the documented requirements so surely a project that is on-time, on-budget and on-scope must …

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The Consistent Project Manager

project approval process

As Christmas once again approaches, I have been mulling over the importance of consistency in projects (maybe I’ve just had too much mulled wine).   This whole issue of consistency in projects is intriguing because great success may be achieved by the opposite of a consistent, reliable project manager. For …

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The trouble with Project Schedules

A project schedule

Why is it that one of the most difficult aspects of managing a project is maintaining the schedule. And why is it that many project managers will move heaven and earth to keep their project in line with the project schedule. That rather suggests that there is a problem with …

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Controlling the 3 Project Management Constraints

Scope - balancing time, cost, quality

The key to delivering a project that a client is truly satisfied with comes down to 3 constraints: Budget, Schedule and Scope Not all of these constraints may be within the control of the project manager, for example, there may be a pre-defined schedule designed to meet some inflexible market-driven …

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10 Reasons You Need Project Management

Project Scoping

If you are not a project manager, you may feel the whole process of project management with all its methodologies, techniques, meetings, reports and other assorted documentation is just a thorn in your side. You may even feel you would be better off without it – but I suggest you …

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