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4 Insights into Agile Project Management

agile project management

Contrary to the traditional Waterfall Model, the future of project management is becoming more Agile. In fact, approximately 71% of businesses reported to occasionally or always use Agile approaches. Why? Because Agile projects have a bigger success rate, 28% to be precise, than dated project management styles.   So, what exactly …

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Is Agile Project Management Right For You?

project management failures

The rapid growth in the understanding and popularity of the agile style of project management means more and more companies are investigating how the agile approach will work for their business. The debate over the benefits and constrictions of agile are ongoing, and despite many managers having the notion that …

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Six Perils of Adopting Agile Project Management

The importance of project documentation

Making the transition from waterfall to agile project management is a tough enough break for anyone. With the prospect of letting teams have more creative control over their direction and potentially drifting off course entirely, any project manager who is planning to implement agile will probably already be feeling somewhat …

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