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How To Hire Best Fit IT Talent. The 7 Step Strategic Partner Checklist

IT & Project Management recruitng

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once estimated that bad hires had cost his firm company “well over $100 million”. Almost half of hiring/HR managers (41%) believe that bad hires have cost their firms “thousands” and the U.S. Department of Labour puts the price of a bad hire at least 30% of …

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Controlling Scope Creep

scope creep - rising costs

It is quite normal that the business requirements for a project will change after the project has started – requirements become clearer once tasks start to be completed, market conditions change, budgets, priorities and resources are altered. So changes to the scope of a project shouldn’t be unexpected and should …

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Defining Project Scope: Problems and Solutions

project success

Anyone involved in projects knows the importance of accurately defining the project scope – this is one of the project management fundamentals. It defines what will be included and, importantly, what will not included in the final product, how it can be expected to look, feel, function. And anyone involved …

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Project Scope and Its Importance

project scope

You know how you sometimes overhear a snippet of conversation – on a train, in a shop or restaurant – and it gets you thinking about a subject close to your heart. You want to join in the discussion – you can feel a heated debate arising – but the …

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Is There Ever An End To a Project?

soft skills

The role of a project manager in many large organisations involves an enormous range of responsibilities. They are expected to be involved in the business requirements analysis and documentation, and in many cases to drive those tasks forward, right through to the implementation and beyond. And during the course of …

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Typical Project Risks

project risks

Risks exist in every area of a project but the likelihood of a particular risk occurring, and the consequences to the success of the project if it does occur, are the main factors to consider in risk management within a project. It is important that the project manager does not …

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